Data Science

Lex AI convenes a variety of workshops on topics central to the application of data science and machine intelligence in  policy decisoin-making and regulatory management.   We work with customers to tailor learning in order to address specific interests and skills development priorities.  From machine learning fundamentals, to hands-on, integrative, problem-based learning labs, to the latest principals, methods and good practices for improved transparency and fairness, Lex AI is your learning partner.



Timely and Topical Workshops

Data science education and experimentation

Effective and sustainable innovation happens when we work constructively across disciplinary and departmental silos to encompass the requisite variety of interests and issues.  The right combination of collaboration, analysis and change-management tooling and process helps connect your insight and  analysis with ongoing dialog, deliberation and decision-making of domain experts and system stakeholders.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning offer new ways to visualize the content, structures, relationships and other valuable features within the stock of laws, regulations, policies and related discussion, commentary, consultations and analyses.

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Lex AI employs a cloud-neutral virtual research environment to facilitate your data science learning and experimentation.   Automated configuration and deployment of virtual desktop infrastructure, shareable workspaces and real-time video collaboration - among many other valuable features accelerate your time to value.