Lex AI is an innovation-driven firm focused on applying advances in data-science and machine intelligence, for policy decision-making and regulatory modernization use cases.

We illuminate meaningful patterns and relationships in natural language texts that inform stakeholder choices.

Using the latest methods of machine intelligence, collaborative inquiry and sense-making, Lex AI augments your organization's capacity for generating insight across the full-spectrum of critical issues and viewpoints.

Our objective is to expand, enrich and enliven stakeholder participation and democratic decision-making for organizations and communities.

The Problem and the Opportunity

Open for Innovation

We're taking a collaborative approach to improving policy and regulatory workflows and lifecycles.   Built on an open source architecture, we offer a cloud-neutral platform for ongoing learning and experimentation  using ever more powerful methods of automated text analysis.

Furnishing the necessary data science and machine intelligence knowledge, tools and expertise, Lex AI facilitates your peer-learning, ideation, co-creation and iterative experimentation.  We want to work together to advance your policy management and regulatory innovation agenda.



International collaborations, governments, associations, standards bodies and other policy-driven, rule making bodies regularly conduct programs of stakeholder consultation. These processes surface and elicit an immense amount of text and other feedback, across a broad spectrum of important issues and interests. With volumes of stakeholder feedback come many hours of gathering, organizing, analysing, interpreting, articulating, agreeing, reporting, and responding.  We specialize in bringing Natural Language Processing to innovative workflows for:


  • Increased repeatability and consistency in stakeholder consultation

  • More rapid production of "What We Heard" and other feedback reporting

  • Reduced manual sifting with automated, dynamic summarization

  • More collaborative, interactive and informed sense-making

  • More democratic and participatory decison-making.

Government of Canada qualified supplier under RFP 24062-19-096
Artificial Intelligence Insights into Regulations.